The Story of a Fragrance

Created in collaboration with South African parfumier Tammy Frazer, the distinctive Terres d’Afrique fragrance is crafted from three unusual African resins: omumbiri, omutati and opoponax. The smell is reminiscent of the biome of the Kaokoveld – golden and honeyed, with a nutty, caramel toffee and base notes of earthy resins and warm amber.

For centuries, the nomadic Himba women from the far northwest of Namibia have harvested omumbiri. They use the resin – which exudates naturally from the bark of the Commiphora Wildii – to perfume the ochre and butterfat used on their skin and hair as part of their traditional dress. Our omutati resin also originates from Northern Namibia. The resin is extracted from the seeds of the Colophospermum mopane or mopane tree. The name, which means ‘oily seed’, derives from the sticky, kidney-shaped, resin-rich flat brown seeds, from which the oil is extracted.

Neither of these resins has ever been used commercially in a perfume. Terres d’Afrique is a first.

The third ingredient, opoponax - also known as ‘sweet myrrh’ - is harvested in Somalia. This herbal plant produces a resin that is a popular traditional perfume.