45 minute rejuvenating facial

A quick boost for high-speed people who move as easily between countries as between concepts and strategies. Who want to make their mark, without their lifestyle leaving its mark on their skin.

Hydrating, detoxing and anti-aging African botanicals, enhanced by signature massage techniques, smooth away the signs of life’s jetlag, leaving your skin refreshed, radiant and glowing.


60 minute hydrating facial

Like the rain that sweeps over the plains after the long, hot dry season, the Afrique Arising facial brings new life to skins that have played and stayed under the sun a little too long.

By stimulating the blood flow to the skin, the Afrique Arising massage technique allows the omega-rich Terres d’Afrique oils and linoleic acids to rehydrate and regenerate the deep layers of the skin. With vitamins from the Baobab working to restore the skin’s elasticity. Leaving it supple, plumped and smooth to the touch.


60 minute detox facial

A treatment that transports high-octane urbanites from their polluted environment back to the purity of the vast grasslands that turns to gold under African skies.

The detox process begins with a combination of deeply relaxing massage and Shiatsu pressure points of the face using Terres d’Afrique signature Lymph Wands. Stimulating the lymph drainage that helps eliminate toxins and reduce congestion. Then a cleansing mask extracts heavy metals and toxins from deep within the epidermis. Leaving the skin ready to soak in omega-rich botanicals for a naturally radiant look.


90 minute age-defying facial

En route to today, our loves, lives, passions and secrets have left their laughing, weeping, singing, sleeping lines on our faces. It’s time to smooth and soothe them into the past.

Using Terres d’Afrique Lymph Wands to enhance the lifting and firming properties of the formulation, this age-defying facial smooths out fine lines and wrinkles by literally “straightening” the damaged collagen. At the same time, a wealth of Africa’s potent anti-oxidants stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin production. Nature’s way of keeping time in its place.