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Annah Mendela

Annah Mendela

Baobab Harvester
Muswodi Dipeni Village, Limpopo

“When I first heard we could sell Baobab fruit, I went to my field and I gathered much fruit – still I wondered what all of this was about.

Then I was paid for my fruit and I got R500! It was such a gift, I was so happy, I couldn’t believe what I was holding in my hands. And I ran home, showing the money to everybody from door to door – look what a wonderful thing I had received today – and told everybody they must go out and collect Baobab fruit, because they have a great value.

My Baobab money has bought me a stand and built my house and bought me a cooking pot. I also bought corrugated iron and built my child a house close to where I live.

And there is money over to save for the end of the year. During the times that it is Baobab harvesting season we are never short of anything. And at the end of this year the Baobab fruit is buying me a carpet for my house. The Baobab fruit has changed my life.”