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Khelina Magagula

Khelina Magagula

Marula Harvester
Ka-ben Village, Swaziland

“I am a widow and most of my children died, so I live with my grandchildren. To keep this homestead alive and the kids at home, I harvest and sell Marula kernels.

I was the first one to start selling kernels in this community and make a reasonable income in a short time. Because of this, I got more people to join in, to learn eco harvesting, and to become members and crack more kernels.

Before I started selling my Marula kernels I was the poorest of the poor. Now I make a good income and I can even save from selling Marula kernels. Everything changed. From being so poor, I was able to build a house and a shelter where I crack and store my Marula nuts and kernels.

Because of all the things I am doing, I now think myself a business woman. I am proud to be able of make my family’s life better.”