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Ndoda Maziya

Ndoda Maziya

Marula Harvester
Ka-ben Village, Swaziland

“My husband died some years ago. I have 10 children. For survival I brew traditional beer called Mkomboti and if it’s Marula season I brew some Marula beer and sell it.

I saw some women around the community carrying lots of cash and they said they were selling Marula kernels. And I thought because I am poor and I don’t have a husband to help me, I can make another income from selling Marula kernels, because I am good in cracking the kernels.

All of us in my village have learned how to do the organic harvesting and processing. We crack for a month then we have to sell fresh in the next month. I was able to buy many things from Marula, I was able to buy a goat, and that goat now has some little babies. I can say my life and my children’s lives are sweeter because of the fruit of the Marula.”