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Selina Ndlovu

Selina Ndlovu

Baobab Harvester
Muswodi Dipeni Village, Limpopo

“I have lived in this village since I was ten. I got married here, I had my children here, and I will grow old here.

I have been collecting Baobab fruit for some time now. First I used the money for food, for buying clothes, blankets, for many different things.

Later I went and bought wire and fencing poles and I fenced my fields with that. Buying the fencing for my field helped me a lot. When it is raining I plant millet and sorghum, and also in another season I plant watermelon and squashes. It’s really good, the fencing, otherwise the cows and goats eat my crops.

With the money I got this year I bought more fencing, and I am just waiting for the next Baobab season so that I can employ someone to fence an even bigger fi eld for me. The one that I use is a bit too small for me as my farming business is growing. I am now like the Baobab – bringing a new harvest every year”