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Sophie Thandavhatha

Sophie Thandavhatha

Baobab Harvester
Muswodi Dipeni Village, Limpopo

“I have seven children. When I started to sell Baobab fruit, I didn’t even have plates and knives and forks in my home. That’s what I used the first money for. After that I could buy school uniforms for my children.

After a while my children got older. And I could pay the fees for my first born to study catering. Another child needed to get a drivers licence and the money from my Baobab sales paid for the driving school.

The oldest one is now working in a catering job. And my child with the drivers license is working in a shop and wants to continue his studies. So when the Baobab fruit comes again, I will be saving to pay for his further education to become a paramedic.

Every time the Baobab time comes, we can buy those things we could never have before. All problems are so much smaller when you have the joy of working.”