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Stephan Helary

Stephan Helary

CEO & Co-founder

Madagascan-born Dr Stephan Helary is architect-in-chief of the Terres d’Afrique brand. He is a traveller, an intuitive, a scientist, a man of nature, and a full-hearted explorer of African culture, traditions and stories.

Stephan’s progressive approach to business and commitment to constructing a more meaningful future for health and wellness products and experiences have provided a strong ethical foundation for the TDA brand.

He surrounds himself with a network of like-minded others, and is unwavering in his goal to fulfil the unmet needs of travellers and customers seeking products and experiential opportunity for self-actualisation and meaningful connection.

He believes that personal engagement, ethical conduct and enhanced consciousness are key to winning luxury brands of the future.

Stephan’s life’s work has focused on building his knowledge of African culture and indigenous plants, their biochemistry and commercial potential, and the founding vision for his business was to create commercial opportunity for African raw material suppliers.

Stephan graduated as a Veterinary Doctor at the University of Liege in Belgium, where he also obtained a Masters Degree in Environmental and Wildlife Management.

Applying his mind to diverse development and conservation projects in Africa, he obtained his PhD in Nutritional Ecology, studying the diet of the Black Rhinoceroses. Later, his interest in plants, ethnobotany and exploring the African continent won out, and he began shaping his Terres d’Afrique brand offering.