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Our Philosophy. 
Nature Meets Science.

For centuries, African people have used powerful botanicals as traditional healing elixirs. Terres d’Afrique has studied how people use these relatively unknown ingredients. The curative and restorative power of many African plants is legendary for a reason. They work. In crafting our products, we have combined these ingredients in potent formulations that maximise their skin care benefits; the culmination of years of exploration, field research and laboratory development.

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Aldabra Nebula

With Lemon Verbena, Green Rooibos & Rose

Drift off into the deep blue yonder

Organic green rooibos blended with calming, soothing lemon verbena, which is known to be a natural sleep enhancer. Rose petals assist with mood and sleep, with jasmine flowers sealing the bliss. Redcurrants, pink pepper and rose flavouring engage all the senses with this blush-toned infusion.


Organic Green Rooibos (72%), Lemon Verbena (19%), Rose Petals (4%), Jasmine Flowers (2%), Redcurrants (2%), Pink Pepper (1%) & Rose Flavouring

Aldabra, in Seychelles, is the world’s second-largest atoll. A World Heritage Site, it is one of the richest environments for studying evolutionary and ecological processes.

91% Ethically Sourced


92% Sourced In Africa


Aldabra Nebula

100 g & 1 kg (Professional only)