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Our Philosophy. 
Nature Meets Science.

For centuries, African people have used powerful botanicals as traditional healing elixirs. Terres d’Afrique has studied how people use these relatively unknown ingredients. The curative and restorative power of many African plants is legendary for a reason. They work. In crafting our products, we have combined these ingredients in potent formulations that maximise their skin care benefits; the culmination of years of exploration, field research and laboratory development.

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Facial Glow

With Marula, Manketti & Kalahari Melon

A light, dry, deep-acting face oil which nourishes and balances the skin. Easily absorbed, this oil is ideal for skin exposed to harsh elements. It restores dry, dull, tired skin to a soft silky feel and a radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types.

Restructures and Regenerates

A highly concentrated blend of omegas 3, 6 and 9 help to restructure and regenerate skin cells membranes. Deep penetrating linoleic acid from Kalahari melon and manketti helps maintain suppleness and deep hydration.

Restores Balance

The essential fatty acid composition of this oil blend mimics the composition of the skin sebum, restoring the skin’s natural barrier and bringing it into balance.

UV Protection

Eleostearic acid from the manketti oil polymerises under natural UV light, providing natural sun protection.

2.5% Fairtrade


100% Natural


95% Organic


Facial Glow

30 ml & 50 ml*
*Professional only