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Superfood for your skin,
Superfood for your soul

Bespoke Wellness Experiences.
Spiritual travel has landed.

Our offering is luxurious, natural skincare, paired with curated, customised, sensorial experiences that offer guests a glimpse of another world. What they get to see, feel and experience is the world of nature and the mystique of ancient African tribal lore – knowing also that their sense of wellbeing involves a fair recompense on the other side: the upliftment of rural African producers.

Our bespoke treatments and products tell stories and invoke multiple layers of sensation, working with all five senses to awaken the sixth sense. We push a little further, going well beyond product, stepping beyond the spa.

Sensorially layered, Terres d’Afrique experiences evoke a sense of place and culture, allowing guests to explore wellbeing beyond the physical, to feel grounded and balanced by an African journey into new tastes, fragrances and soul-spaces. We regularly partner with hotel and leisure brands to design the sensory handwriting of the resort or brand.

Red Nomads Treatment

Blue Tiger’s Eye Treatment

How does this process work?

In collaboration with the hotel or resort, we start by interrogating business challenges. Going in deep, we look at provenance, local customs, the natural environment and even the micro-climate of the resort or hotel, while exploring specific need-states of the guest. We consider every touch point and guest interface.

Together, we mine insights that make it possible to curate customized experiences unique to each destination – and even destinations within each resort or destination.

The result: unique tastes and fragrances including, quite possibly, scents for different times of day and night, relevant to occasion, ritual and site. We also design unique products that bring the Terres d’Afrique experience into room amenities.

Using ingredients like baobab, buchu, rooibos and aloe juice, we’ve designed health shots, welcoming virgin aperitifs and refreshments to complement customised skin and body treatments. Our award-winning African teas are part of our experiential spa offering.

Our collaboration with leisure brands has resulted in partnerships that yield extraordinary added value for both the guest and the leisure destination.

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