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Love is in the air.
A wellness ritual for couples.

A Gift For Two

Energize your souls with a sensual, mindful, relaxing bath ritual. Experience the grounding, warming scents of wild African botanicals.

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Our Couple Ritual

  1. Apply a few drops of our signature scent in the palm of your hands. Rub your hands gently, and then cup them together. Bring them close to your partner’s nose. Take 3 deep breaths. We recommend doing this simultaneously to get your energy in sync. You can also add a few drops of our signature scent into the bath.
  2. Scrub each other’s body and face with our Myrrh Body Scrub and Gentle Face Scrub. Be mindful of the present moment and grateful for the connection.
  3. Apply the Deep Cleansing Mask on each other’s face, neck and décolleté. Relax for 15 min. You can also use this time to meditate together.
  4. End this couple ritual by massaging each other with our uplifting aromatherapy body oil.