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Restore and protect your skin’s natural balance.
Explore our Wellness Couple Ritual.

Powerful, wild, African botanicals.

Our ingredients are hand-harvested from across the African continent and are scientifically formulated into products that honor their natural potency.

Explore Our Ingredients

Omumbiri Body Butter

Mafura butter, kigelia, and jojoba oil.

A rich, profoundly moisturizing body butter that rejuvenates and softens the skin.


Honor your skin.
Honor the earth
and its people.

We feel a deep-seated moral obligation to create with respect for the earth and the people who help us along the way. We operate as sustainably as possible to preserve the biodiversity of the ecosystems where we harvest, and we develop long-term, equitable partnerships with local producers in our supply chain.

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Protect Your Skin Against Photo Aging

It is all about give and take. As the source of life and energy on Earth, sunlight is also the main factor responsible for premature signs of aging. Extensive exposure to the sun leads to the production of free radicals, which damages skin cells...

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Protect Your Skin Against Photo Aging