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Africa Day 2020

Terres d’Afrique is a company whose products are made in Africa, by Africans, and is driven by a profound philosophy that celebrates African traditions, cultures and diversity.

In celebration of Africa Day on May 25th, TDA will join with a community of creatives in fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle to celebrate and honor the beauty of modern Africa, through the promotion of “This is The Face of Africa”. TTFOA will challenge one dimensional views of what Africa is, by showcasing diverse, colorful and dynamic images of people, style and locations that acknowledge the beautiful, engaging and modern “Face of Africa”.

Zandile Ntobela, a member of the Mpondo Xhosa, was born in 1986 in Bizana in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Recognized by the Smithsonian in Washington DC as an international artist, her art has been exhibited, either individually or as part of Ubuhle, in numerous museums, art galleries and private collections including:

Museum Collections (United States)
Smithsonian - Washington DC, 2014
Dayton Art Institute - 2018
Flint Institute of Art - 2018
The Chrysler Museum of Art - 2018
The Currier Museum of Art - 2019
The Ruth Funk Textile Museum - 2020
The Society of The Four Arts - Miami, 2020

Temporary Exhibitions
Museum of Art and Design - New York, 2010
Neurberger Museum of Art - New York, 2012
Saatchi - London, Collect, 2018
Textile Museum - Toronto, Canada, 2015

Museum Collections (South African)
Johannesburg Art Gallery - Permanent Collection
Tathan art Gallery - Permanent Collection
Carnegie art Museum - Permanent Collection
Kwa Zulu Natal Museum - Permanent Collection

Private Collections
Huberman Collection - USA, 2014
Mott - Warsh Collection - 2018
Goetz Collection - Munich, 2018

Art Galleries
Bonne Esperance - Paris, 2020
Saatchi - London, Collect, 2018
Amaridian - New York, 2010
Everard Read - South Africa, 2005 to current
By Rogue (@rouge_rapper)
Hlabisa Bench, by Thabisa Mjo

"To me, this process of making the bench demonstrates our ability to work together as a community toward accomplishing a task that will benefit everyone, showcases our creativity and incredible craftsmanship; and the resulting final product is the successful integration of diverse ideals coming together and working harmoniously to create a functional product, in this case that being a bench."
By Denisse Ariana Pérez (@denisseaps)
By Silvia Njoki (@silvianjoki)
"Curiosity 5"

CERAMIC MATTERS and WIID DESIGN follow their own paths while collaborating regularly on furniture where the clean lines imagined by WIID DESIGNare decorated with the shimmering colors of CERAMIC MATTERS. But above all what brings them together is a search for a place where the lines between art, design and craft are blurred, something unique to the South African creative scene.

Designer: Laurie Wiid van Heerden / Wiid Design (@wiid_design)
Collaborator/Artist: Anthony C Harris / Ceramic Matters (@ceramicmatters)
Makeup Artist: IFE (@beautybybold)
Hair: Victoria (@viccannn)
Model: Nimah (@Nimah_21)
By Away To Africa (@AwayToAfrica)
By Sierra Nallo (@sierranallo)
By Sophie Ferrand-Hazard @art_of_connection
By Musabey (@sabey__)
By lovefromjulez (@lovefromjulez)
By Nina Zimolong (@nin_zim)
By Affen Oluwasegun (@ojayartworksng)
South African artists Thabisa Mjo and Sakhile Cebekhulu in front of Bonne Espérance Gallery in Paris for the opening of their exhibit “I am hope.”

Via Bonne Espérance Gallery
By rukiejumah (@rukiejumah)
By Lasizwe Dambuza (@lasizwe)
By Majid Harun (@MoyoAfrika)
Model: Lulu Diva
By Ocean Africa (
By Scott McKenna (@scott_mckenna)
By Afua Rida (@afuarida)
By Baignor Joiner (@bailikedubai)
By Lulu Wood (@luluhaangalawood)
By Sarah Langa (@sarahlanga)
By Ne-stre-ya (@nestreya)

A selection of South African Artists featured in the Sculpture Garden at the Nirox foundation

By @gregjcameron