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Creating a Culture of Caring

Creating a Culture of Caring

Terres d’Afrique is pleased to announce its collaboration with The Baobab Foundation in Limpopo, South Africa.

The Foundation was set up to run non-profit projects in the areas where baobab fruit are harvested. In addition to buying fruit directly from rural harvesters, the Foundation supports education of pre-school children, growing of baobab trees, research projects and community engagement.

Women in rural villages are busy, on a daily basis, with tasks that take them away from the village, and it’s not always practical or safe to keep their very young children with them. It therefore becomes the task of one or two other women to care for young children in informal pre-schools.

Dambale village does not have an adequate pre-school. The chief has put land aside next to the primary school, and $15,000 is required to build the pre-school.

Terres d’Afrique will be donating 1% of its sales to the Baobab Foundation towards funding this project.

Help us support this initiative.