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Reignite Your Senses at Scent Beauty

Reignite Your Senses at Scent Beauty

“Love yourself” with Terres d’Afrique and Scent Beauty, our latest collaboration.

We’re honoured to be in esteemed company such has musical icon Cher, diva Renee Fleming, style guru Leon Andre Tally and fashion don Ron Dorff to name a few in the launch of concept e-commerce beauty store

Scent Beauty celebrates a multitude of culturally relevant brands whose values are inclusive, sensual and sensorial, all offering unparalleled olfactory quality much like Terres d’Afrique.

For us, scent has always been a driving force behind the brand. Terres d’Afrique’s signature fragrance, a complex combination of African resins including Namibian myrrh (Traditionally called omumbiri by the Himba) is present in all our skincare products. Our aromatherapy range offers 5 different scents created around African essential oils and evoking the smell of African biomes at different time of the day.

Reignite your senses and shop Terres d’Afrique Terres scents through our exclusive range of products at