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Healing Powers of Hydration

Healing Powers of Hydration

Skin dehydration generally refers to the inability of the epidermis to retain healthy levels of water. This is usually caused by excessive use of harsh, drying cleansers and toners, not drinking enough water as well at the constant exposure to artificial environments.

Following a healthy diet that includes adequate quantities of water and essential fatty acids as well as having regular facials can help maintain skin hydration.

Terres d’Afrique products contain hydrating ingredients and high levels of omegas which work well together to repair skin exposed to environmental stress.

Our rooibos tea based Uplifting Serum and Light Facial Cream contain glycoproteins and vitamin A from Aloe ferox and Baobab pulp as well as low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that help hydrate the deepest layer of the skin.

A blend of 5 omega rich oils (jojoba, marula, Kalahari melon, yangu and manketti) in our Light Facial Cream penetrates deeply into the skin helping maintain suppleness while restoring the lipid phase of the epidermis, reducing trans epidermal water loss and keeping the skin hydrated.

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